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The encryption of Enigma had a big impact on computer science

During World War II Enigma cipher machine was used by the German side to transmit top-secret information. But in 1942 Alan Turing and his team used to break the code of Enigma, which was crucial to the Anti-Hitler coalition's victory. This cipher battle pushed the development of new technologies, and Turing is often called the father of modern computer science.
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The secret of Enigma Chest is quite simple – you just need to open the code lock on the cover.

But the quest to find the symbols for the code lock is not simple at all. There are 5 symbols on the lock, and you should put them in the correct order to open the chest. But the only way to collect all symbols is to unlock the mechanisms hidden in the chest sides.
Enigma Chest 3d model is stuffed with tricky riddles. Find them all and open the secret lock!
Enigma Chest is a customized 3d constructor made entirely of natural wood. This model has a simple design, but the stuffing is complex and challenging. Being a constructor from WoodTrick «Mechanisms» series, Enigma Chest can boast of impressive moving entertainment. And be sure the process of assembly will bring you real engineering joy – the chest has complexity level 4, over 500 parts and original mechanical filling.

The cover of Enigma chest can be locked and unlocked when you collect the right combination on the code lock. To find the symbols you should move different parts of the chest, which are operated by several mechanical concepts such as gear system, planetary gear, racks, springs and others. The delivery kit includes a detailed instruction manual, which explains the proper order of connecting the components. So even if it is your first time doing such an assembly, you will do it right.


Definitely, Enigma Chest 3d wooden constructor is exciting, but also it is safe for you and the environment. All parts are made of sustainable plywood and there is no need to use glue or other supplies to put them together. Fun, clever and eco, this puzzle will be a wonderful gift for all, who love ciphers, secrets and interesting challenges.


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No toothpicks
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No glue
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  • Complexity
    4 level
  • Model Dimensions
    200*110*130 mm
  • Number of pieces
  • Package Dimensions
    65*185*50 mm
  • Assembly time
    6-8 hours
  • Package Weight
    1,220 kg
Download the tutorial↓
Each kit includes a printed manual. But if yours is damaged or you prefer the online version, you can download the pdf manual for the model here.
Mechanisms Series

Enigma Chest

How to say «top-secret» in the language of spy movies? Well, have you heard about Enigma? It is the name of the first cipher device in history and, probably, the most difficult riddle to hack. And a great inspiration for us to create another challenging 3d wooden constructor. Enigma Chest from WoodTrick is full of secrets and surprises!