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What Sets Castles Apart From Other Structures?

The uniqueness of a castle is that this kind of building was typically as defended as possible. Castles were skillfully and monumentally constructed; ditches were dug around them, and the walls were hewn from stone and heavily fortified. Warfare was widespread during the era when castles were prominent. Therefore this method of construction was entirely appropriate.
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What Makes the WoodTrick Model of the Dragon Castle Special?

Our engineers packed a lot of detail into this prefabricated model. You will notice that the castle towers rotate in addition to the dragon-shaped motif that graces the exterior. You can use the lowest level of the castle as a nightlight because it is lit. You can raise and lower the bridge by pushing a specific lever and opening and closing the gate. Additionally, a planetary mechanism in the castle's core activates four miniature towers.
Experience the Middle Ages' atmosphere!
A personalized wooden 3D model from WoodTrick is called Dragon Castle. Our engineers developed a compelling and realistic model using historical film as inspiration. The model has tapestries, ornamental chipping, and elements that have been artificially aged to create the impression of an actual medieval castle.

We build our castle out of sanded plywood, which is aesthetically pleasing and entirely safe for the environment and your health. You won't even need glue to put Dragon Castle together.

You will find the parts you need to assemble and thorough instructions with photographs in the delivery set. Even if this is your first time dealing with such challenges, it will assist you in putting the castle together in hours.

You can enjoy putting the model together and interacting with it or offer such a constructor to a loved one. The completed Dragon Castle may be a focal point, a nightlight, and interior decor!


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No toothpicks
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No glue
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With musical motor
  • Complexity
    5 level
  • Model Dimensions
    275*345*265 mm
  • Number of pieces
  • Package Dimensions
    365*365*50 mm
  • Assembly time
    12-14 hours
  • Package Weight
    3.690 kg
Download the tutorial↓
Each kit includes a printed manual. But if yours is damaged or you prefer the online version, you can download the pdf manual for the model here.
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Dragon Castle

A sophisticated prefabricated model called Dragon Castle by WoodTrick will transport you to the Middle Ages. Back then, feudal lords, nobles, and royal family members frequently constructed castles. Some castles were initially built as such towns, often developing into cities. The grand castles of antiquity and fantastical historical tales influenced our design for Dragon Castle.