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Why are trucks such amazing cars?

Not everyone can see the beauty in these bulky, awkward-appearing instruments right away. However, the Truck is a crucial helper for anything involving the movement of heavy cargo. Many operations would be slower and more difficult without such a vehicle, from harvesting grain from the field to clearing construction debris from the site. The Truck is also a fascinating and intricately developed engineering design.
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What is the mechanism of the WoodTrick Truck?

Our engineers made an effort to make the Truck as lifelike as possible. With the body loaded, our Truck may easily travel up to a distance of several meters. To empty the cargo, a specific lever can be used to lift the model's body. Additionally, the Truck's steering wheel and wheels can be rotated, and the cabin's doors can be opened and closed.
Have you already considered what you're going to put in the back?
The Truck is a specialized WoodTrick 3D wooden model. In addition to having the most realistic design possible, we also ensured that the prefabricated model was safe for the environment and your health.

This was accomplished using sanded plywood for all Truck components. You won't need glue or other supplementary materials to put the model together.

The model has to be put together in roughly 2.5 hours. Additionally, you may put together the Truck even quicker if you invite your friends! Additionally, you can use the comprehensive assembly manual with photographs we give in each kit to help you figure everything out.

A fantastic present for you and your family is this Truck. You'll enjoy playing with the completed model and putting the puzzle together! You can establish a new model vehicle collection or include it in your existing one.


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With toothpicks
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No glue
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With rubber band motor
  • Complexity
    3 level
  • Model Dimensions
    250*110*112 mm
  • Number of pieces
  • Package Dimensions
    370*185*35 mm
  • Assembly time
    2-3 hours
  • Package Weight
    0,834 kg
Download the tutorial↓
Each kit includes a printed manual. But if yours is damaged or you prefer the online version, you can download the pdf manual for the model here.
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Which is that? A vehicle's rumbling noise? There is a roar coming from a strong engine. That indicates that a truck is approaching you! Trucks are an engineering marvel. They are absolutely necessary on construction sites, in transportation, in mining, and in other occupations. We were fascinated by their strength and might and created our prefabricated truck model from WoodTrick!