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20 September 2023
WoodTrick's developer Ilya

WoodTrick's developer Ilya

Ilya Tkachenko: engineer, car enthusiast

The road to one's vocation and specific occupation can sometimes feel unusual and unpredictable. This story was described by Ilya Tkachenko. His early steps in the world of computers and technical education led him to the exciting realm of designing and creating exceptional mechanisms.

1. Which flashback from your childhood was your very first step into the world of technology and computers?

- I stepped into the world of engineering when I was a child. I was born in the town of Yenakiieve, Donetsk region, and from the very beginning, I was curious about technology. I attended the first three grades at school No. 7, then I moved to the city gymnasium. I got my first computer in the fifth grade, and I plunged into it completely. I had no particular engineering hobbies then, although I recall one game called Robot Arena. You had to build your own robot from scratch out of various components to fight in the arena. This game spurred my creative thinking and my interest in building mechanical devices.

2. Were there key milestones in your background that made contributions to your design and engineering development?

- Having completed my schooling in 2009, I enrolled in the Automobile Road Institute of Donetsk National Technical University. There I gained a fundamental education in automobile design and other technical subjects. Even though my design concerns were not yet highly pronounced at that time, this education set the foundation for my future creativity.

3. How did you move from studying technical disciplines to actually designing and engineering?

- It was my time working for WoodTrick, in Berdiansk, that became a tipping point. I had little understanding of design at the beginning, but working with mechanical devices in this company greatly appealed to me. Each new task was a challenge for me, and I was always looking for the best way to solve it. When I would finish a model, I would ask myself "How did I ever do that" and "Would the next model be as good as this one". Now I realize you can make anything that can theoretically be made out of plywood, and there is still much interest in making something new and complicated. This experience initiated me into the world of engineering.

4. What is your source of inspiration for new designs and projects?

- Originally, I was inspired by our existing models and other wooden articles. Now we find inspiration from some real-life machines and mechanisms. In fact, inspiration often springs from random things, where you don't expect it.

5. Which books, movies, or other sources can you suggest for those interested in engineering and design?

- One of the movies that comes to mind is Ford v Ferrari. There is also a series called Formula 1: Drive to Survive. Although it is not about construction, Formula 1 as a phenomenon is highly inspiring. As for books, I read biographies and memoirs of famous personalities, including those from the Automotive Hall of Fame: Wilhelm Maybach, Louis Chevrolet, Soichiro Honda, and Louis Renault.

6. What do you think the success of the model being developed depends on?

- The key to success lies in careful pre-design preparation. Each new model requires more and more time to get ready for development, as you try to learn as much as possible about the subject and everything related to it. Thinking over and planning all points and details, and avoiding possible pitfalls is crucial to understanding the development plan and avoiding needless redesign of the model halfway through the development process. Of course, unforeseen situations always arise but each new model turns out to be more coherent, well-thought, and seamless.

7. Which models do you feel proud of?

- Each new design is a completely unique experience for me. That's why all my models deserve nothing but high praise. For example, the Monster Truck has been delighting customers all over the world for years. Collections of watches keep you always aware of time frames and also decorate different interiors. Among new developments, I would like to single out a kinetic sculpture, which will soon be available on our website and will amaze everyone! Please wait till you hear more about it soon.

Life is full of surprises and amazing transitions, and our developer's tale is a vivid example of how passion and curiosity for something new can emerge at the most unexpected moment and lead to impressive achievements. His path from studying at a technical university to creating unique mechanical models is fueled by inspiration, education, and self-improvement. This experience proves that the road to success requires careful preparation for what you do and can culminate in the creation of something remarkable.