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Wood Trick is a manufacturer of the 3d wooden puzzles

WoodTrick is a brand of mechanical models made of natural wood by professional engineers. These are cars and trucks, devices, machinery, weaponry and other amazing mechanisms that you assemble with your own hands using the laser-cut parts and your clever mind.

Our kits are not so easy because the real satisfaction is to solve real engineering tasks. Sounds like a challenge? It definitely is :)

Real engineering joy

First of all we love machines and mechanics. But most of all we love to turn a lot of small details into something really huge and beautiful. It feels amazing to create and assemble complicated models and we want to share this pleasure with you. That is why we created WoodTrick.
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We stand for ecology

We care for the environment and we know you do the same. All our models are made entirely of wood which is safe for users and safe in production. Natural wood, ergonomic laser-cut machines and the creativity of our engineers — that is what we use to produce our kits. It’s eco, nice to assemble and the result looks amazing.
Before you get the ready-to-assemble kit, our engineers, laser-cut machines and a big team of testers make it perfect. This is how we produce our WoodTrick models:

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