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25 October 2023
Top 30 Wood Gift Ideas

Top 30 Wood Gift Ideas

Do you know those guys who always come with the perfect gift for anyone, no matter the occasion? We insist that they are superheroes cause we absolutely realize what a challenge it is to find a perfect match gift. But what a feeling it is to give a «WOW, how did you know?'» present! It's certainly worth it.

Do you find gift-giving to be a challenge? How about a surefire idea: unique items made of natural wood? There is a wide variety of stylish and original wooden crafts, from decor and accessories to unusual DIY woodworking projects that you can make yourself and give to your friends or loved ones. Or you can present a thematic DIY project and provide great emotions from assembling an original puzzle or a wooden 3D model related to a hobby. Fun, trendy, and entertaining, wooden gifts are a perfect choice for everyone, from family members to co-workers.

DIY wood gifts ideas

Well, now the next question – how to choose?

You’re in the right place! We’ve prepared a TOP-30 list of wooden gifts for every taste, celebration, and occasion. So, if you want to come up with an original gift, our selection will provide you with great ideas of wooden gifts and DIY wooden projects.

Alright, let's embark on a wood gifts journey!

3D Wooden Puzzles

Big wooden puzzles

If your gift theme is a good time with friends and family, clever puzzles are always a good idea. Bringing hours of entertainment, they make a nice gift for all. Check the selection of handcrafted jigsaw puzzles inspired by cute animals! Made of natural wood, these puzzles are high-quality and pleasant to touch, and the designs are really impressive!

Bright mini-puzzles

And if you're looking for a small, cute souvenir that you can take with you to a party or give as a Secret Santa gift – how about a colorful mini puzzle of a Fairy Unicorn? This wooden 3D puzzle is also perfect for both kids and DIY beginners – it has only 21 pieces, and some of them are shaped like animal figures.


DIY Kinetic clock  

With a unique kinetic mechanism, when time seems to be suspended in the air, this wooden clock in Zodiac design will definitely not go unnoticed in the interior. What adds a special charm to this present is that it’s a wooden 3D constructor – a lot of small pieces are to be assembled into a stylish table clock! 

Wood Photo Frame

Digital photos are great, but the most memorable moments deserve the most beautiful presentation. A stylish photo frame is an excellent choice, but we know an even better option. Wooden picture frames with thematic engravings will make a suitable gift for your friends, family, and loved ones for any occasion.

Wooden Music Box

This elegant wooden model is called Dancing Ballerina, and it’s definitely worth giving it to someone who adores classical music and ballet. And, of course, DIY enthusiasts will love it. Assemble this original music box and enjoy the graceful ballerinas dancing with the well-known theme from Swan Lake!

Perpetual Wooden Calendar

A calendar might sound ordinary, but what if it's a beautifully designed one? Just take a look at this vintage wood block calendar, and you'll agree that pretty and functional gifts do exist! It features boards with numbers, months, and weeks, without the years printed, making it a never-ending calendar. Simply update the dates and enjoy this stylish decor crafted from high-quality wood. You can buy a ready-made calendar, but it can also be an idea for a DIY project. 


Wooden words

Unfinished wood is one of the best materials for decoration, which suits any interior. Also, wooden letters and words are a very cute trend of recent years that can be personalized with paint. If you are looking for an inspiring housewarming or Christmas party gift, consider thematic laser-cut wood signs and phrases. Or you can get inspired and do it yourself.

DIY Wooden Map

Another cool way to decorate the wall is to hang a stylish map made of natural wood. 

How about a map that assembles like a puzzle? This amazing DIY project also improves geography knowledge: countries, states, capitals, and continents are highlighted. It will be a fantastic gift for your curious and travel-addicted friends.

DIY Mayan Calendar

An exciting combination of a wooden DIY project and a stylish wall decoration. With its original concept inspired by Mayan culture, this unending calendar serves as a bright interior accent and a great way to keep track of the date. And the main feature is that it needs to be assembled first! All fans of ancient history and unique interior design elements will love it.


Car Wooden Model

If you know someone's interests, give them a ready-to-assemble wooden constructor related to their hobby. For instance, car enthusiasts will definitely be thrilled with this wooden DIY project featuring the lifelike design of a stylish American Hot Rod with nearly 300 pieces to assemble. Furthermore, this car wooden model is equipped with a rubber band motor and can run up to 7 meters at a time.

Wooden Train Model

If you are looking for a present for someone who enjoys assembling mechanical models,

get to know the all-time bestseller from WoodTrick: incredible Atlantic Express train wooden kit. Developed by professional engineers, this wooden train model features impressive 636 pieces to assemble and a rubber band motor that makes it move.

Wooden Marble Run  

Have you heard about the Marble Run fans community? Well, now you do. It's so meditative to watch the marbles run continuously, much like the planets in the galaxy! With this wooden 3D constructor, a person can assemble an awesome marble run model and learn how a perpetual motion machine works.

Mechanical Space Robot

And this is the younger brother of R2-D2, who travels around the Universe and cleans up space junk. This cute and friendly robot will make an excellent companion on your space journeys, of course, after you assemble it. Give this wooden 3D constructor to those who love Star Wars and interesting engineering challenges.


Wooden Cookbook stand

For all those who love cooking and original kitchen gadgets, a cookbook stand will make a thoughtful gift. Unfinished wood complements any interior, and it is so convenient to place a tablet or a cookbook on the stand and have hands-free. By the way, here's a life hack: you can personalize it with paint or engraving.

DIY Wooden Bottle Opener

These cute wooden bottle openers are perfect for those who love clever multifunctional gadgets. You can hang them on the fridge as magnets, and the bottle opener will always be at hand. Plus, it can be customized: you can DIY, engraving on its surface, providing a stylish and functional addition to your bar or kitchen. Easy to order on Amazon and, of course, it’s a cool idea for woodworking. 

DIY Wooden Serving Board

It's always at the top of DIY gifts because even a beginner in woodworking projects can create such a serving board, and it will undoubtedly be a stylish and useful gift. Alternatively, you can order a board like this and customize it yourself, considering the interests of the person you're gifting it to.

Wooden Napkin Holder

The perfect party is when everything you need is always at hand, including napkins and toothpicks. This task can be easily solved with the elegant and convenient Wooden Napkin Holder. Give this stylish serving accessory to someone who loves aesthetics!


DIY Wooden Jewelry Holder

This elegant wooden box has 7 compartments, making it very convenient for storing jewelry. However, this beautiful item is not that simple because it's a DIY project. First, you assemble it from 192 wooden pieces, and then it sparkles with Swarovski crystals. By the way, the crystals are included in the kit. Well, have you already decided who you'll give it to? Yourself? We thought so 😊  

DIY Wooden Accessories

Are you fond of craft projects? Here's an idea of a stylish gift for your friend – handmade accessories crafted from natural wood. A bracelet, pendant, or necklace with wooden beads looks really fresh and trendy. Use a set of geometric wood beads and your imagination to create unique jewelry!

Wooden Makeup Box

A brilliant gift idea for her is to buy or, even better, make with your own hands an original wooden makeup box. With convenient compartments for all creams, brushes, eyeshadows, and lipsticks, this cute organizer will help to store cosmetics and accessories. Teens, moms, and grandmas will love it!

Wooden Bathtub Tray Table

An elegant bathtub tray is definitely something in the language of aesthetics and romantic movies. This stylish wooden piece of décor turns the bathroom into a place of self-love and self-care.   Use it to put candles, flowers, bath toiletries, accessories... and a glass of wine, why not. Give this beautiful tray to someone very special. 

Wooden Earrings

Looking for a gift for a lady? A very cute idea of a little surprise for any occasion – unique wooden earrings. There is a wide variety of designs made from natural wood or the always stylish combination of wood and metal. Fashionistas of all ages will love them!


Wooden Phone Stand

A simple yet effective idea for a cute souvenir for your friends and colleagues or a branded gift for clients. This kind of wooden phone holder is very convenient for placing your phone on the desk or for watching content when you're on a plane or train. 

DIY Wooden Lantern

This woodworking project is truly impressive – assembled from 251 small elements, this cozy lamp provides gorgeous illumination. Designed in the style of an antique lantern, it operates on batteries, has two lighting modes, and can be easily transported from place to place with the handle!

DIY Wooden Dollhouse

If you are looking for a special gift for kids, bring the beauty and entertainment with this magnificent DIY wooden project. It's truly exciting to build a real house, furnish it, and carefully choose the accessories! Toy collectors and interior enthusiasts will also be delighted with its aesthetics and thoughtful design.

Wooden Sculpture

A piece of art crafted from natural wood is a perfect gift for collectors of nice decor items and those who simply appreciate aesthetics. Wooden sculptures possess unique charm and a wide variety of designs, so you'll easily find something symbolic for a special person. For example, if your friend is passionate about yoga and meditations, consider an elegant handmade figurine in the abstract style.


DIY Christmas ball

It’s never too early to buy Christmas souvenirs because during the season, you can never have too many. How about this cute Christmas tree ornament, which is a ready-to-assemble wooden DIY project? It's like delivering double the excitement – first, this stylish decoration must be put together, and then it becomes a magnificent accent on the Christmas tree.

Wooden Ornaments for Christmas Tree

Need to get into the Christmas mood? Making handcrafted Christmas ornaments is always a great idea. You can cut out or order wooden blanks in the shape of Christmas symbols, and then add colors, thematic inscriptions, or carvings to personalize them. Wood crafting in the company of family and friends is a lot of fun, and a tree decorated with such ornaments will be very charming and cozy.

Wooden Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are so popular because they help to turn the holiday anticipation into an exciting adventure. For example, by leaving sweets or small surprises every day. A stylish wooden Advent calendar will immerse you in the festive spirit, and its Christmas-themed interior and warm, cozy lighting will enhance the holiday atmosphere. An excellent gift for couples, wouldn't you agree?

Santa’s Carousel Wooden Project

Christmas holidays are also a time for music and dancing. Therefore, it's a great time for Santa’s Carousel music box, which you can bring as a thematic gift for a friend’s party. This cute wooden model with 97 pieces to put together is entertaining – it plays the well-known Christmas melody «Carol of the Bells» and twirls Santa and his reindeer friends in a dance!

If you need more ideas for wooden gifts, visit the website woodtrick.com

There, you'll find wooden 3D models for all hobbyists, colorful puzzles, and unique 3D constructors that can move.