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16 June 2023
Lamp, decor or constructor? Antique Lantern does it all!

Lamp, decor or constructor? Antique Lantern does it all!

Recently we have released Antique Lantern, a new 3d wooden model in WoodTrick Electric series. Besides the fact that this is our first model to illuminate, it also has an authentic design, you might have noticed ūüėä So, WoodTrick, what‚Äôs the idea?¬†

One glance is enough to recognize our inspiration for this cute novelty. It’s easy to imagine Hercules is taking such a lantern to pass the Labyrinth of Minotaur. Or the senators of Ancient Rome use it on secret meetings in the dead of the night. We’re sure the lantern was illuminating the way of Frodo when Mr. Gandalf was away. Finally, how could Romeo have a late-night date with Juliet without this piece of light? How could Indiana Jones go on a search for treasures in the dungeons? 

As for the idea, the thing is simple ‚Äď we created the lantern from your favorite adventure books and movies. And believe, it will become your best friend in your own adventures.¬†

So, the first adventure is… to assemble the lantern. 

Complexity level 4 and 251 wooden parts are waiting for you! 


Constructor or decor?

Both, that’s the right answer! Antique Lantern from WoodTrick is a customized wooden 3D constructor and a great option to create incredible handmade home decor. The kit includes a LED lighting source and 3 small batteries, so this model turns into the real lantern when assembled. And thanks to its authentic retro shape and elegant openwork ornament, this lantern will pass to every interior. Use it like a stylish decorative element or in the role of a cozy table lamp when you read a book.



White or yellow?

Again, the right answer is both. Antique Lantern has two illumination modes and can share steady white light as well as flashing yellow light like a real fire. Another unique feature of this model is that you can push up the lantern's body and change its shape. Different options of lightning and design make Antique Lantern an incredible piece of home decor.



At home or outdoors?

We’ve said a couple of times that Antique Lantern is a nice home decor, but it can also be used outdoors. Plan some gathering with friends in the park, picnic or else? Take the lantern with you and assemble the constructor together! You will have a great time doing a beautiful thing by your own hands, and the lantern’s light will make a cozy atmosphere in the evening.



New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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