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08 May 2023
American Idol: meet Full-Size Pickup Truck

American Idol: meet Full-Size Pickup Truck

Will you be surprised to learn that a pickup truck is the most popular car in the USA? Well, we guess no, because pickups are considered an unofficial symbol of America like baseball, college hoodies or the wedding in Las-Vegas. Even Elon Musk announced a Tesla pickup «Cybertruck» 😊

There are many reasons why pickup trucks are so popular. They are powerful, reliable, passable and, finally, they are big. Having a pickup, you can take everything you need and feel comfortable. This incredible car inspired us to create a new 3d wooden constructor. And our new model of wood pickup also should be big, that’s what we decided!

Meet our newest release: Full-Size Pickup Truck

Made in the best traditions of WoodTrick, this 3d wooden model is fully eco, totally interesting and will bring much fun and clever time to you and your friends!



706 pieces to assemble 

Our new Full-Size Pickup Truck has the biggest number of pieces in Machinery series, so we can call it the biggest WoodTrick car. This pickup has 706 pieces and complexity level 5, so be ready to spend about 10-12 hours with it. Detailed assembly manual will help you to make it right 😎  



Spring motor makes it move

This wood pickup can drive up to 10 meters at a time. The model is equipped by the metal spring motor, which transfers the force to the wheels. By the way, its wheels have reinforced rest, like in a real pickup truck. Assemble this awesome vehicle and go start the test-drive!  



Realistic design

Our developers made the new Full-Size Pickup Truck the most realistic: familiar interior, you can easily open the doors, the hood and the trunk lid. It looks like a real American big pickup and it moves like a real American big pickup. Are you ready to play?  



New Full-size Pickup Truck from WoodTrick is already in stock!

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