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The main means of transportation in the renowned film "Mad Max" was the Buggy.

They are transformed from jeeps by fortifying the suspension, reducing extraneous components, and enhancing the vehicle's safety. This wooden 3D model lets you experience the excitement of real racing in large buggies.
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Our prefabricated model features a manual actuator for its mechanical motor.

The engine is started by a spring, which allows the wooden model to move up to 8 meters on a level surface. Mad Buggy has upgraded suspension, which helps the 3D model get over obstacles.
Strong R-r-r-ride
A personalized wooden 3D model from WoodTrick called The Mad Buggy includes over 300 components and provides hours of intriguing entertainment! Both racers and spectators get an adrenaline, thrill, and energy boost from "Mad Buggy." The 3D premade model makes an excellent present for puzzle enthusiasts.

The set includes comprehensive instructions for assembling the wooden model, and each component is constructed of sustainable plywood. It will take several hours to complete the exciting process of constructor assembly.

We designed our model to open some of the structure's openings, so you could view how the engine operates.

For people who enjoy collecting puzzles and various puzzle builders, there is Mad Buggy. Once built, the model can be displayed on your desk or added to a collection. You get to choose how to apply your WoodTrick wooden model.

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With toothpicks
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No glue
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With metal spring motor
  • Complexity
    3 level
  • Model Dimensions
    255*110*125 mm
  • Number of pieces
  • Package Dimensions
    365*185*35 mm
  • Assembly time
    6-8 hours
  • Package Weight
    0,818 kg
Download the tutorial↓
Each kit includes a printed manual. But if yours is damaged or you prefer the online version, you can download the pdf manual for the model here.
Modern Machinery Series

Mad Buggy

All enthusiasts of intense racing, eccentric builders, and the film "Mad Max," which served as our inspiration for this model, will like Mad Buggy.