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26 October 2023


We all come from childhood.

Ask what it has to do with a firetruck?

Oh, come on. Didn't you ever want to know how this heroic vehicle works (and ideally, take a ride on it)? Speaking of a ride, we can't help with that; that's for the real firefighters. But when it comes to how a firetruck is built and functions, WoodTrick engineers know it inside out and are happy to explain. What's more, you'll assemble your own firetruck with your own hands!

So, welcome to our new incredible Rescue Firetruck 3D constructor! 

With 636 pieces, Rescue Firetruck is one of the largest WoodTrick car models. 

Furthermore, it can move, equipped with a very tall extendable rescue ladder, and has many other impressive features. Just like its real prototype, this is a fully equipped mobile rescue station ready to handle fires rapidly and efficiently. However, fire trucks weren't always this high-tech. How about taking a quick trip into the history of firefighting equipment? We’re sure you'll find it pretty fascinating!

Pumps, horses and red color

Did you know that the first firetrucks were horse-drawn? Yes, unfortunately, fires existed long before the invention of the engine. That's why until the 19th century, firefighters had to transport water and pumps on carriages, and horses were honorary members of fire crews. Then came steam engines, and finally, motorized fire trucks powered by gasoline. And it was a real breakthrough because the speed of rescuers' arrival during a fire is crucial. By the way, pumps for firefighting were already used in Ancient Rome.

As for the traditional red color, there are two explanations for why it's used. The first one is that red is a bright color, visible from a distance, so other vehicles give way to emergency services. However, there's also another version that the first fire trucks were painted red because red paint was inexpensive at that time. And then, everyone simply got used to it.

P.S. There are also yellow fire trucks 😊

WoodTrick Rescue FireTruck: what’s special

But let's get back to our new release. The main feature of WoodTrick 3D constructors is that our engineers pay great attention to details. This powerful Firetruck model is no exception. It is equipped with a rescue section containing all the necessary tools, such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, buckets, shovels, and more. All this rescue equipment is interactive, meaning you can take it out. And on the roof of the vehicle, there is an essential element of a fire truck – a large telescopic ladder for fighting fires at heights. This ladder extends up to a height of 88 cm and is equipped with a rotating mechanism around its axis. 

The truck cabin also features a detailed interior. The doors open using handles, and inside you’ll find three seats, pedals, steering wheel and other vehicle elements. Sirens, headlights, windshield wipers, and thematic engravings add even more realism and atmosphere. So, are you ready to assemble this beauty?

And, finally, the most exciting part. You not only assemble the wooden car model but also all the mechanisms that set its doors, ladder, extendable supports, and the truck itself in motion. Equipped with a spring motor, it can run up to 6 meters on a single charge!

New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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