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WoodTrick Series

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Meet our special drop — bright wooden puzzles with figure elements. Gorgeous designs, great quality and aesthetic result — our pazzles bring good time for kids and adults.

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WoodTrick wooden model kits and 3D toys

Why is WoodTrick?

WoodTrick is a Ukrainian brand of mechanical models and 3D constructors made entirely of natural wood. We have a wide range of designs, including cars and tracks, machinery, weapons and a special series where mechanics and electronics are combined. All our models are developed by professional engineers and can move. Of course, after you assemble it. :)

Our mission is to provide true engineering joy for those who love to create and assemble. Our concept is based on the fact that the process of the assembly should not be easy. Because we know from example what a pleasure it is to solve complicated engineering tasks. Our models do not have a basic level, they start from level 2. So you can enjoy the complexity of assembly with all our wooden mechanical models. 

Wide Range of Wood models kits Designs

WoodTrick offers a wide range of designs for their mechanical models and 3D constructors, including cars and tracks, machinery, weapons, and a special series where mechanics and electronics are combined. No matter what your interests or passions may be, there is sure to be a WoodTrick model that will appeal to you.

Combination of Mechanics and Electronics on Wood models kits

In the special series of WoodTrick models, mechanics and electronics are combined to create even more complex and interesting models. These models offer an extra level of challenge and allow you to explore the intersection of engineering and technology. Whether you are an experienced engineer or simply enjoy assembling and creating, the WoodTrick line of mechanical models is sure to provide endless hours of enjoyment.