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09 March 2023
Time is in the air: discover new kinetic clocks from WoodTrick!

Il tempo è nell'aria: scopri i nuovi orologi cinetici di WoodTrick!

Kinetic art is something that makes you excited even if you know how it works. Our latest release, two awesome models of wooden kinetic clocks, is the best example.

Look at this magic, time really «hands» in space! 

What is wooden Kinetic Clock?

The idea was to combine the classic 3D wooden model and the futuristic art of kinetics. We decided to start with time, the biggest value of humans. So, WoodTrick engineers designed the table clock, which you first assemble from small pieces and then put in your house like nice and useful decor. Inspired by minimalism and beauty of natural wood, this clock has modern design and will pass to every interior.


WoodTrick kinetic clock has a unique feature – its operational mechanism seems «suspended» in the air. Incredible feelings when you see the clock hands just floating in space! Be sure it will impress your guests 🙂


Choose your impression: Modern or Zodiac


We created two designs of table kinetic clock: Modern and Zodiac.

Modern kinetic clock is a customized 3D wooden model of 157 pieces and with electric mechanism. Time is etched on the bezel, but instead of numbers as time indicators we did it in words. Compact and aesthetic, this clock will make awesome interior accent and impress with «air» clock hands. This in when 3D constructor turns into something really amazing!  

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Zodiac kinetic clock is a specialized WoodTrick 3D model with original design of zodiac sights and constellations. This is a high-quality wooden constructor of 143 pieces turning into a stylish clock when you put it together. It runs on small batteries to show exact time, and the kinetic design makes the clock hands float in the air.        

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Are you excited about the magic of kinetic art just like we are?

Both new WoodTrick kinetic clocks are in stock and ready to order. Modern or Zodiac – whatever option you choose, it will bring nice time to puzzle lovers and become cool home decor when assembled. Or you can order both, together they impress even more and look like air collection.