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14 March 2023
Meet the unstoppable: Spiral Marble Run!

Incontra l'inarrestabile: Spiral Marble Run!

 – Do you guys have smth like Galaxy Marble Run? – that’s the common question from real fans of WoodTrick puzzle games. Finally YES! We have released Spiral Marble Run – a new wooden marble run model inspired by the perpetual motion machine. Already in stock and you can’t miss it – Spiral Marble Run has everything to become the gem of your 3d puzzles collection!

Original concept

The idea of Spiral Marble Run lies in the field of motion, cyclicity and consistency. It's so meditative to look after the non-stop journey of the balls, and the most exciting thing is that you create this journey by your own hands. So, take the time (you’ll need about 8 hours for the assembly), the manual (we made it very detailed 😊) and 558 wooden parts. And create the masterpiece of perpetual motion!


Interactive design

Spiral Marble Run is a customized wooden 3D model from WoodTrick with some interesting features which differ it from other wooden marble run models. It has a part in the form of a «paw», which lifts the balls to the start. Then the spreading mechanism comes into action, the balls move throw 3 original tracks and go down by the «steps». Yes, it sounds simple, but when you start assembling the model, you will find it’s not a cakewalk at all 😊  


But that’s the point, right?

Spiral Marble Run has the complexity level 5 and makes great challenge for those who love interesting engineering tasks. 

High quality and good-looking

Made of entirely natural wood, Spiral Marble Run is fully eco, nice to touch and nice to watch when assembled. By the way, you can put together the kit without even using adhesive. All parts of wooden Marble Run make the match and result in something really impressive – unstoppable perpetual motion machine! And, of course, Spiral Marble Run would be a fantastic piece of decor taking breath away every time you see it.  

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Spiral Marble Run is the new one in our wooden Marble Run family. We also have similar 3d wooden model Galaxy Marble Run, Top of the Top among WoodTrick bestsellers. Both models are based on the idea of perpetual motion, look awesome and have the highest complexity level. And both models will impress the fans of science, mechanisms and interesting assembly.   


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