Spedizione UE gratuita per ordini superiori a €49,99
31 January 2023
Hello Europe! Launch of a new website!

Ciao Europa! Lancio di un nuovo sito web!

Whoa, the launch of new WoodTrick website in Europe?
Yes, that’s it! We are so happy to announce the new website and all its preferences: detailed product cards, interesting features and easy shopping in two clicks. We made it more attractive and user-friendly so that you could be fully informed about each product you are interested in – its benefits, usage, price and reviews.     
On this occasion we’ve got a welcome gift for you guys
Use the promo code* LAUNCH and save up to -25% on following items:

  •       Steam Tank - 10%
  •       Chug-chug train - 15%
  •       Plane - 25%
  •       Assault Gun AR-T - 10%
  •       Cyber gun - 15%
  •       Assault gun USG-2 - 25%
  •       Mad Buggy - 10%
  •       Tractor - 15%
  •       Autoset - 25%
  •       Treasure box - 10%
  •       Fairy theater - 15%
  •       Space junk robot (mechanical) - 25%
  •       Space junk robot - 15%
  •       WoodTrick Ride - 10%
  •       Shooting Range - 25%

*Promotion is valid for the offers from EU countries!
Now to use the Promo code? 
It just takes three simple steps:

  1. Add to card any of these kits
  2. Use the promo code LAUNCH in the field «Discount code» when you shop
  3. Finish the order and enjoy your new WoodTrick in a few days!

P.s.: new websites sometimes may have glitches at first. We believe that’s not our story, but if you notice them, please let us know - we will fix it immediately. And as a sign of gratitude, we will give you a 5% discount on the entire range.

Thanks for choosing us
We are excited to share the engineering joy with you!