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07 September 2023
Top Secret situation: new Enigma Chest released

Top Secret situation: new Enigma Chest released

When something looks like a chest, what are the chances it's just a common chest? No chance at all when it comes to WoodTrick wooden models, because our engineers don’t create boring things. Hands up if you love tricky riddles and surprises – this chest is literally made of them!

Meet our newest release – incredible Enigma Chest!

This model got its name and engineering secrets from Enigma, the most mysterious cipher device in history. Secret mechanisms, complex locks and mysterious symbols – the world of spy movies is waiting for you! 


Enigma Chest from WoodTrick is a customized 3d wooden constructor with minimalistic design and complex mechanical filling. The challenge is clear – first you assemble the model and then you can open & close the chest using the combination lock on the cover. But wait, there is a special code on the lock! And it will be another challenge to crack it 😊 

Are you ready to break the code of Enigma?

Okay, here’s what you need to know about it:  


Story of Enigma

Developed in the early 1900s to protect bank data, Enigma became a real weapon –  Germany used its technology to send encrypted messages during World War II. But in 1943 talented British mathematician Alan Turing developed a special deciphering machine and finally broke the code of Enigma. So, the encryption of Enigma became a big strategic win for the Anti-Hitler coalition. And later its technology pushed the development of modern computers.

Engineers run the world

Interesting fact – the technology of Enigma was developed by an engineer and hacked by a mathematician (but we know that Turing had engineers in his team 😊). Enigma Chest 3d wooden model is an adventure for your clever mind and engineering skills. It has complexity level 4, over 500 pieces to assemble and impressive mechanical filling, which moves the parts of the chest. To find the symbols for the combination lock you will challenge the gear system, planetary gear, racks, springs, lever mechanisms and others. 



New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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