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08 July 2024


What if... we add more features, details, and maybe a bit more complexity? That’s what our engineers say when they get the idea to re-release the most popular WoodTrick models. And of course, we say YESSS! That's what happened with one of last year's top models, the Full-Size Pickup Truck, which replaced its smaller version and became a favorite among assemblers. Now in 2024, we're upgrading everyone's sci-fi favorite — the 3D Cyberpunk-Style Hand. And honestly, it turned out amazing!

So, meet the Cyber Hand, the charismatic new addition to our collection! 

So, how do you like the dynamic vibe of this stunner?

We’re thrilled to introduce you to all its amazing features!

What’s unique about the Cyber Hand

The Cyber Hand is a customized 3D wooden constructor from the WoodTrick Mechanisms Series, and it's exactly what it looks like — a smart robotic hand from futuristic sagas. Bet many of you have already said to yourselves, "I’ll be back," or imagined wearing Thanos' glove, right? By the way, we also call it the Cyber Glove 😎

One of the coolest things about this novelty is its manipulator model. Basically, you assemble the Cyber Hand, put it on, and control it with your own hand. Everything is designed to fit just right – there's a bracelet at the base to adjust the 3D hand to your size, with special slots for your fingers and a connection mechanism. Once connected with the Cyber Hand, you can perform various manipulations, make gestures, and even lift light objects.

Cyber Hand vs Robotic Hand: what to choose?

Choosing isn't easy, as both models are stylish and perfectly themed. But okay, let's start with the technical details. The Robotic Hand has 220 parts, while the Cyber Hand boasts a whopping 586. Moreover, the Cyber Hand is at the highest complexity level, PRO, compared to the START level of its "colleague". Oh, and assembly time? The Robotic Hand takes 3-4 hours, but the Cyber Hand needs about 8.

Returning to the question of which model to choose — well, how about building the whole collection? Still, if you're up for serious engineering challenges, the Cyber Hand's got you covered!

As for functionality, the Cyber Hand has a wow-bonus feature — the "stand" mode. This means it can serve not only as a decorative element but also as a convenient holder for a phone or tablet. In this mode, you can configure various gestures and lock any wrist position. Want to make 🤟🏻 or ✌🏻? Easy! Or position the hand to hold your smartphone and enjoy!

New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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