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30 May 2024


Alright, let's kick off this new release story with a bit of background. 

You guys should know about our original Special Forces Series collection, where we've gathered 3D wooden toy guns and DIY models, ranging from sci-fi to modern designs. One of the most frequent questions we get is: "WoodTrick, when are you going to release something new in this series?" Finally, we have an answer for you. 

Meet our brand-new model, the Bullet Boltcaster 

It shoots, has a complex but fun assembly process, and it's super exciting! 

But really, who needs words? Check out the video to see why our Boltcaster is awesome 🥰

And before we dive into the technical details of the new release, here's one more interesting fact. Do you remember our Dragon Castle? That massive model with the highest level of complexity and nearly a thousand pieces – it's been a total hit and one of our bestsellers. The medieval atmosphere really resonated with fans of themed DIY projects. Well, we've decided to release another Middle Ages "must-have" - a real crossbow for real knightly escapades! So, are you ready to show your bravery and rescue the beautiful princess from the dragon's lair?

The shape of a classic crossbow

It's commonly believed that bows and crossbows are medieval "gadgets," but did you know that both tools were widely used in ancient China? However, they got their recognizable look in medieval Europe. A good crossbow needs a strong string, a well-thought-out firing mechanism, and should fit comfortably on your shoulder or in your hand. Our Bullet Boltcaster has all that. Assemble it and challenge your friends to see who can hit the bullseye first!



Spring mechanisms enable it to shoot

The Bullet Boltcaster by WoodTrick is a customized 3D wooden puzzle with 411 pieces to assemble and a MASTERS level of complexity, making it a real challenge for experienced builders. But don't worry if you are new to DIY projects – our detailed manual with pictures and explanations will help you out! The coolest thing about our new model is that it can actually shoot. Special springs provide the capability for shooting and reloading. The Bullet Boltcaster is equipped with a 6-bullet magazine, and to fire, you just need to pull the special handle.



Works with special soft bullets

Super important: our 3D Boltcaster is completely safe for active play because it uses special foam bullets. The bullets are soft and lightweight, so don't worry – no bruises or scratches 😊. By the way, you can hit a target from up to 10 meters away, which is how far the bullets can fly.



New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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