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10 April 2023
Replace needed parts easily!

Replace needed parts easily!

WoodTrick replacement. How it works

Every engineering fan knows the feeling when you take these small and fragile parts and create something huge and beautiful. And be sure, everybody knows the situation when these small and fragile parts suddenly… got lost. Or when you assemble the WoodTrick model and accidentally damage the detail. How annoying it is! 

Annoying but not the problem, because we have the replacement service. It’s free and quick and you can easily use it for missed or damaged parts of your WoodTrick model. 

What is WoodTrick replacement service

We care about your engineering joy and always do our best to provide you with cool service. So, if some part of your WoodTrick model is missed or damaged – just fill the replacement form and we will send you the board with a part needed. Please notice that we always send the full board to avoid the risks of damaging a small part during the delivery. For example, if you need part 32 for Spiral Marble Run, which belongs to Board 1 of this model, we will send the whole Board 1.



How to find a correct board 

Easy task – you just need the assembly instruction. In the lower left corner of the instruction you will see the letters and figures. The first number means the model production No, the second one explains the range of boards. 

Let’s see on the example. There are 3 boards in the Motorcycle DMS model. Suppose you need the replacement for the part №44. Take the instruction and check the number of board which contains this part. It will be the board №2 and you can book its replacement on our website.


 WoodTrick replacement: how to order

1. Open the Replacement form on our website;

 2. Indicate the reason for replacement. We don’t ask to attach the photo or video of the broken part, it is enough to choose the reason in the list (item is missing, damaged etc.);


 3. Then mention the name or the set number of the WoodTrick model with the missing part. The set number always has the format «WDTKXXX» and you can find it in the instruction or in the product card of WoodTrick model on our website;


 4. Next step is to choose the board which contains the part you need;




5. Fill the delivery address and it’s done!


Free replacement

For each WoodTrick model we provide 2 (two) free replacements.