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11 October 2023
Outrun the wind: new Mechanical Mustang released

Outrun the wind: new Mechanical Mustang released

Guess what's our favorite holiday? Release day it is!

By the way, did you know that horses can sleep while standing?

Guess what we are getting at?

This day has come, we’ve finally released our new 3D wooden model of… a horse 😊

Our latest novelty is already in stock, and this is one of the most unusual DIY constructors we've ever developed. It was a two-in-one challenge: to create a real-looking wooden model of a horse and to make it «alive» with the help of mechanics. But our engineers tackled it, and now it's your turn! Assemble this fearless king of the prairies, activate its mechanical skills, and embark on exciting Wild Wild West adventures!

Get to know our amazing Mechanical Mustang constructor!

P.s.: we can’t stop watching its magnificent racing, can you?

Inspired by American mustangs

You have definitely met these fast & fearless animals in western movies and adventure books. Wild horses of prairies, mustangs, are a symbol of American culture and history. They are the descendants of the horses of Spanish conquistadors who came to colonize the American continents. In the 19th century, the domestication of mustangs began. Today, the population of mustangs is protected by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act. We were inspired by these wild and beautiful horses to create our new 3D wooden model of the Mechanical Mustang. 



Powered by electric motor  

Our wooden 3D horse took from the American mustang not only the name but also the main features: it can walk, gallop, and even knock the hooves. To make the model interactive, our engineers developed a special gear mechanism that sets the horse's legs and neck in motion. The Mustang is equipped with a small electric motor hidden in a wooden pedestal, which is also a part of the kit. There is a control panel on the side of the pedestal where you can start the race, adjust the speed, and turn the sound of the hooves on/off. 

Are you ready to challenge?

When it comes to assembly, you should know that the Mechanical Mustang is more complex than it seems. Just keep in mind that its elegant design is composed of small details, and the wooden podium conceals an imposing mechanical structure inside. With 628 pieces to put together, our wooden horse has the highest complexity level 5, offering about 8–10 hours of true engineering jooooooooooy! So, the question is, are you ready for the challenge?

New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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