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29 April 2024


Hey friends, here's a big April announcement – we have officially released the Hypnotic Vortex model! Finally, we can reveal and showcase every mesmerizing detail of this stunning 3D constructor and wall decoration all at once. Our excitement level is through the roof, so we can say we're dancing just like the Vortex itself! 💃💃💃

Introducing the first-of-its-kind Hypnotic Vortex kinetic 3D sculpture that you can assemble with your own hands and use as space décor. This stylish wall decoration is made of natural wood and looks incredibly aesthetic once assembled. We guess, enough to crush your heart, but wait — it has one more secret. Thanks to the hidden mechanism inside, the Vortex comes to life and creates breathtaking visual effects. Rest assured, this unique interior accent will wow everyone!

Interested? Let's not keep you waiting 😊

All the details and tech info are right here: Hypnotic Vortex

How does kinetic magic work?

First, a few words about the phenomenon of kinetic art itself, which inspired our engineers to create this unusual model. The main goal of kinetic art objects is motion, making them dynamic and alive instead of boring statics. To achieve this, artists pull off all sorts of tricks: using wind, sunlight, gravity, or even getting people involved. There's also visual motion — when optical illusions are created by lights, shadows, or geometric patterns.

But let's get back to the magic of Vortex. The secret is simple – art is engineering 😎

Follow our detailed instructions and use your engineering skills to assemble the core mechanism, which is the heart of the kinetic sculpture. With the help of special springs and magnets that you'll install, the mechanism will set the spinners in motion. Two massive spinners start rotating in different directions and at different speeds, and it's truly hypnotizing and relaxing to observe. By the way, the «hypnosis» can last up to 40 minutes on a full spring charge.



What's included in the Hypnotic Vortex kit?

This 3D constructor comes with 340 wooden pieces, but that's not all you'll be putting together. As we've mentioned before, the Hypnotic Vortex features a hidden mechanism that brings it to life and creates all those visual effects. Everything you need to assemble the mechanism is included in the kit: 17 weight balls, 4 bearings, 2 magnets, and 3 special springs. Just like with all our models, you'll also find a detailed step-by-step instruction manual to guide you through the assembly process.

What's the level of complexity?

At first glance, the Hypnotic Vortex may seem like a relatively simple assembly, but we'll surprise you – it's rated PRO level, 5 out of 5. So get ready, because this will be a truly engaging challenge for advanced assemblers. The complete assembly will take 3 to 5 hours, from the moment you start until you proudly hang your stylish and unique DIY decoration on the wall.

"Now hold on," you might say. "How can that be, when many PRO-level WoodTrick models take 10 hours or more to assemble?" Well, the thing is, the Hypnotic Vortex involves delicate and very precise work with its mechanical components. So, if you're passionate about mechanics, engineering, and intricate details – this model is perfect for you!

New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order. 

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