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18 July 2023
Dragon Castle: when history meets fantasy

Dragon Castle: when history meets fantasy

There are few options to become an owner of a castle. The easiest one is to build a house in the castle style. The most expensive – to buy a real historical castle. Or you can marry a prince or a princess (that’s the fantastic way we suppose 😉). Come on, you’d better think about the most interesting option – to take the Dragon Castle model from WoodTrick, our newest release inspired by the fantasy films and the Middle Ages’ atmosphere. Bonus: you’ll get your own dragon! 

Dragon Castle from WoodTrick is a prefabricated 3d wooden model, which will make a wonderful addition to your DIY collection. It has the highest complexity level, and if you are looking for a truly hard engineering challenge – congrats, you’ve just found it! Spectacular number of pieces, mechanical filling, long time of assembling – our Dragon Castle makes a hat trick in complexity.  

But complexity is only one of its features.

In all respects the Dragon Castle is five out of five!  


Inspired by fantasy worlds 

What do we know about the dragons? They can fly, breathe fire, and they love gold more than anything. Beautiful and dangerous, dragons are an integral part of our favorite fantasy books and films. Could you imagine the Game of Thrones or the adventures of Tolkien’s hobbits without dragons? Our engineers also are excited with the fantasy aesthetics, so we have designed the real Dragon Castle to take you to the worlds of fantasy. Assemble the model and create your own story! 

Impressive 978 pieces to assemble

It’s not the biggest WoodTrick, but the Dragon Castle wooden constructor is in the top by the number of parts. And it makes a real challenge – you will need 12-14 hours to assemble the model. Usually, we recommend Dragon Castle for experienced DIY users. But even if you are a beginner, our detailed manual with pictures and explanations will help you to deal with this monster 3d puzzle.

Beauty in details

Being a realistic miniature of a real castle, the model has authentic features. The castle’s facade is decorated with dragon figures and carvings, and the artificially-aged details create the medieval mood. Dragon Castle is a model from the Mechanisms series and has interactive elements, which move and rotate. By the way, the first floor of Dragon Castle is illuminated, so you can use it as a nightlight.

New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order.

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